Millie Moo's - A Play Cafe in Orlando!

Millie Moo's was designed by our family for YOUR family. Meet our family - Danny & Kelly (Mum & Dad), Rhys our eldest son, Lewis our middle son, and Tyler our youngest son. Of course we can't forget Amelia "Millie".... aka "Millie Moo."

One of the many reasons we decided to open Millie Moo's is because of the relationship between our two youngest children Ty & Millie. Tyler has special needs and having his little sister around has helped with his development in ways we couldn't have imagined. Another is that as a Mum with 1 small child and a child with disabilities it has been impossible to find somewhere fun to take them BOTH. Any place I could find just wasn't suitable for both of them, making it very hard work for me as a parent. It became too stressful to leave the house, I missed spending time with other adults, and meeting new people. Not having any family here to help, I missed having the ability to just sit and relax for 5 minutes, let alone have time to do something I enjoy!

So as the saying goes, "If I can't find a way, I'll make one" I knew if I wanted this, other parents would too! So this is how Millie Moo's was born.

It takes a village....

As well as having somewhere fun to go with your little ones, us parents also need interaction! We created a new family at Millie Moo’s, our #MooCrew. Our staff at Millie Moo’s is primarily made up of Moms who want to want to work and be with their children. We provide a safe place to make this happen and you'll love our #MooCrew almost as much as we do!

Millie Moo's has 2 diaper changing areas, 1 area is for all ages.

We are always changing the play zones at Millie Moo’s. The cleanliness and quality of our equipment is of utmost importance to us!

Focused on imagination, role play & lots of real life kid FUN, we want to help your children use up their energy while you save some of yours. Let us help them explore their wonderful imaginations and social skills while they make friends with other little ones.

Once you've experienced Millie Moo's you will want to come back again & again.

We'll See You Out Here!


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